Four Sixes Ranch: A Deep Dive into its Rich Legacy

Have you ever heard the story of the Four Sixes Ranch? It’s a tale woven into the fabric of American history, rich with pioneering spirit and unwavering determination. Imagine yourself on horseback, galloping across an endless expanse of rugged Texas terrain beneath a sky that stretches forever.

This legendary Four Sixes Ranch is not just about horses and cattle; it’s about heart and heritage too. From Samuel Burk Burnett’s visionary beginnings to Anne Windfohr Marion’s lasting legacy, every inch tells its own story. And what stories they are!

You’re in for quite an adventure as we delve deeper into this extraordinary saga – from intricate Quarter Horse breeding programs to Black Angus cattle operations that would make any cowboy proud.

interest. Whether it’s the iconic Four Sixes Supply House that sparks your curiosity, or if you’re more intrigued by Taylor Sheridan’s recent acquisition, there are plenty of uncharted territories ahead for us to explore together.


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The Legacy of Four Sixes Ranch

Founded by the legendary Samuel Burk Burnett in 1870, Four Sixes Ranch has carved its niche as a hallmark of quality and tradition. It’s not just another ranch; it’s an institution that echoes the vibrant history and impact on both the Quarter Horse and Angus Cattle industries.

Founder Samuel Burk Burnett’s Influence

Burnett was no ordinary man but a visionary who saw potential where others didn’t. His relentless drive transformed barren lands into fertile pastures, raising high-quality Quarter Horses and Angus cattle which became synonymous with excellence. The ‘four sixes’ brand he chose is more than mere numbers; it stands for integrity, commitment to quality, innovation – values Burnett lived by.

Ambitious yet pragmatic, Captain Samuel understood that success lies in detail. Every decision he made had long-lasting impacts that can still be seen today at Four Sixes Ranch.


Anne Windfohr Marion’s Legacy

Burnett may have laid down roots for Four Sixes Ranch but his granddaughter Anne Windfohr Marion ensured they flourished further. Following her family’s commitment to tradition coupled with modern insights about ranching practices she took over reins from her father Tom Lasater after years learning nuances under him.

Determined like her grandfather Samuel Burke Burnett before her, she infused new life into operations without compromising their rich heritage which led to unparalleled growth during Anne Valliant Burnette Tandy era making sure the legacy lives on forever.Under her leadership, the ranch continued to breed top-tier American Quarter Horses and Black Angus cattle, maintaining its stature in both industries.

The journey of Four Sixes Ranch from a humble beginning to an industry leader is one that inspires every budding entrepreneur. Its story underlines that success isn’t overnight but decades of relentless effort driven by vision and commitment.


Key Takeaway: 


Founded by Samuel Burk Burnett in 1807, Four Sixes Ranch has become a symbol of quality and tradition in the Quarter Horse and Angus Cattle industries. The ranch’s legacy continues to inspire with its tale of transformation from barren lands into fertile pastures thanks to visionary leadership. Anne Windfohr Marion carried forward this spirit, making sure that these time-honored traditions continue to flourish.

Sale and Current Ownership of Four Sixes Ranch

For over a century, the iconic Four Sixes Ranch, nestled in the heart of West Texas, remained under Burnett family ownership. Nonetheless, alteration is an unavoidable component of life’s continual transformation. In 2023, a significant shift occurred as Taylor Sheridan and his group of investors stepped into this rich legacy.

The recent sale came with not just acres upon acres of land but also with history woven through generations – right from Captain Samuel Burk Burnett to his great-granddaughter Anne Windfohr Marion.

The new owners certainly had big boots to fill. Known for his work on hit series like ‘Yellowstone,’ Sheridan brought along both passion for ranching culture and understanding its unique heritage. With that respect towards tradition mixed with fresh perspectives, it seems Four Sixes is set to gallop ahead into exciting times.

Taylor Sheridan and His Backers: A New Chapter Begins at Four Sixes Ranch

Paying homage to what has been while looking forward to what could be can be quite challenging. But who better than someone like Taylor Sheridan? He wears many hats – director, screenwriter (you might know him from Yellowstone.), actor – but perhaps one hat fits him best now: owner-cowboy.

This man isn’t unfamiliar with ranching life; he himself owns multiple properties dedicated primarily toward horse breeding programs so you could say horses run in his veins. That connection resonates deeply within Four Sixes’ DNA since its legendary Quarter Horses are known far wide across America’s heartland.

Backers of the deal according to Corporate Wiki, are the following:

Sheridan Ranch Properties, LLC    

101 Studios Capco, LLC 

Bali Venture Partners, LLC

Dunn Property 6666 LLC

A Big Investment in Legacy Preservation

With the transaction closing at a whopping $341.7 million, it’s evident that preserving this American treasure was more than just about owning acres of land; it reflected an investment in history and culture. As shared on Instagram, this isn’t merely a real estate deal— it symbolizes our commitment to protect these lands for future generations.


Key Takeaway: 


After a century under the Burnett family, Four Sixes Ranch shifted hands to Taylor Sheridan and his investor group in 2023. Known for his passion for ranching culture and respect for its heritage, Sheridan’s new ownership signifies not just land acquisition but an investment into preserving history and culture. A nod to tradition with fresh perspectives could mark exciting times ahead.

Characteristics and Facilities at Four Sixes Ranch

An overview of what makes up the expansive property that is Four Sixes Ranch – from its physical characteristics to its facilities.

Geographic Location and Size

Exploring where Four Sixes Ranch is located and just how vast it is.

The grandeur of the Four Sixes Ranch is truly something to behold. Stretching out over 266,000 deeded acres, which is almost the twice the size of Chicago, in King County, Carson County, and Sherman County in the Panhandle of Texas, the Four Sixes Ranch stands as one of the largest ranches in all of the Lone Star State. Below is the mapping of the Four Sixes Ranch in each county:


Four Sixes Ranch in Detail (Three Locations):


The 6666’s Ranch, located in King County, Texas, spans 142,372 acres and was listed at $192,202,200 before it sold. The property encompasses various terrains and water sources, including creeks and wells, and has a comprehensive water filtration system. The ranch is well-fenced with high-quality infrastructure, including headquarters, horse division facilities, and working pens. It operates as both a cattle ranch and a horse operation, with approximately 4,000-4,300 cows, a racing horse division, and extensive horse breeding operations. The ranch generates income from oil production and mineral rights. Property taxes amount to approximately $157,000 per year.

Highlights according to listing agent Chad Middleton:

Ranch size: 142,372 acres

Location: King County, Texas, in the Rolling Plains Region

Population of Guthrie (county seat): Approximately 350 people

Approximately 1,000 acres in cultivation for wheat

About 700 acres reseeded to improved bluestem pasture

Over 140,000 acres in native pasture

Varied topography from level to rough, with elevations from 1,600 to 2,000 feet

Five major creek drainages on the ranch

Ongoing brush control program costing around $100,000 per year

Well-maintained fencing with pipe construction

30 pastures and 20-25 traps ranging in size

Large water filtration system producing high-quality water

Structural improvements in four areas: North Camp, South Camp, Headquarters, and Horse Division

The “Big House” with 13 bedrooms, 13 baths, and historic significance

Extensive Horse Division facilities, including covered arena

28 sets of pipe construction working and/or shipping pens

Cattle division managed by Joe Leathers with 4,000-4,300 cows and marketing partnership with Walmart

Horse Division managed by Glenn Blodgett, DVM, with ranch horse and racing horse operations

Scattered oil production with royalty income of $400,000-$500,000 per year

One-quarter of mineral rights offered with the sale

No solar or wind farm development on the ranch

Property taxes approximately $157,000 per year


The Dixon Creek Ranch, located in Hutchinson and Carson County Texas, was listed at $137,346,000, encompasses 114,455 acres in Texas. It boasts substantial highway frontage and locked gates for limited access. The property features oil and gas production, diverse terrain with creek bottoms and prairies, irrigation capabilities, and valuable water lease agreements. Fencing, structural improvements, and maintenance are of high quality. The ranch primarily operates as a cow/calf ranching unit, with a stocking rate of 2,650 mother cows, 58 ranch horses, and 184 bulls. There is minimal Mesquite and Cedar infestation, but efforts are made to control Beargrass and Prairie Dogs. The ranch owns a significant mineral interest with annual royalties exceeding $2,000,000. Property taxes amount to approximately $120,000 per year.

Highlights according to listing agent Chad Middleton:

Ranch size: 114,455 acres

Access via paved highways and locked gates for limited public access

Substantial oil and gas production, accessible through locked gates

Predominantly open grass prairie land with northward drainage

Dixon Creek and tributaries with diverse vegetation

Pivot sprinkler systems irrigating around 2,900 acres

Good quality groundwater formation from the Ogallala Formation

Water lease agreement with Phillips Petroleum Company

Increasing annual lease payments, reaching $191,000 by 2030

Ranch can use waterlines for livestock purposes

Fenced and cross-fenced with approximately 30 pastures

Largest pasture contains over 10,000 acres

Well-maintained structural improvements at headquarters and four camps

Operated primarily as a cow/calf ranching unit

Current stocking rate: 2,650 mother cows, 58 ranch horses, and 184 bulls

Limited Mesquite and Cedar infestations; efforts to control Beargrass and Prairie Dogs

Significant oil and gas production with half of mineral interest gifted to Texas Christian University

Annual royalty income from mineral interest exceeds $2,000,000

Property taxes approximately $120,000 per year, around $1.00 per acre


The Frisco Creek Ranch, purchased by the 6666’s in 2016 for $12,209,260, spans 9,427.70 acres in Sherman County, Texas. It has been developed into a highly productive cattle operation, featuring extensive pivot irrigation, improved pastures, and efficient cattle management practices. The ranch handles 6666’s calves in the fall, pasturing and feeding them before finishing and selling to Walmart at a premium. It also takes in outside cattle on a gain basis. The property has a growing season of approximately 182 days and annual precipitation of 18″-19″. Elevations range from 3,350 to 3,500 feet. The ranch boasts 7 irrigated pivots, 6 of which are seeded to Stockmaster Forage, and 7 irrigation wells powered by electricity. The main home is a log cabin-style residence with modern amenities, and there are various barns, pens, and facilities for cattle management.

Highlights according to listing agent Chad Middleton:

Ranch Price: $12,209,260

Acreage: 9,427.70 acres

County: Sherman

Productive cattle operation with native pasture and pivot irrigation

Initial purchase featured three pivot sprinklers on 367 acres in cultivation

Current setup includes 7 irrigated pivot circles covering 861 irrigated acres

260 acres are dryland corners, leaving over 8,300 acres of native and improved pasture

6 of the 7 pivots are seeded to Stockmaster Forage for high productivity

Intensive cattle management with calves shipped in fall, pastured, and finished for premium sale

Capacity to handle approximately 10,000 head of cattle per year

Growing season of approximately 182 days and 18″-19″ of annual precipitation

Elevations range from 3,350 to 3,500 feet

7 irrigated pivots, most nozzled at 350 to 500 gallons per minute

7 irrigation wells pumping from 200 to 800 gallons per minute

Main home built in 2006 with log cabin-style design, concrete foundation, and modern amenities

Additional structures include barns, apartments, covered working pens, and livestock facilities



Key Takeaway: 


Four Sixes Ranch, a sprawling 266,000-acre property in West Texas’ King County, is more than just one of the state’s largest ranches. It offers grand facilities like a thirteen-bedroom main house, cozy bunkhouses for employees and even an airplane hangar with a private landing strip. This unique blend of vast landscapes and thoughtful amenities truly sets Four Sixes Ranch apart as an exceptional piece of Texan heritage.

Four Sixes Ranch Supply House

Stepping into the Four Sixes Ranch Supply House, you’re entering a world steeped in rich tradition. This unique shopping experience, set amidst the rugged beauty of West Texas, offers an array of practical merchandise and distinctive souvenirs that echo the spirit of Four Sixes.

The Unique Collection at Four Sixes Supply House

Situated 30 miles away from any other store, this unique shop caters to both locals and tourists alike. With items ranging from work gear for ranch hands to bespoke gifts handcrafted by local artisans – it’s more than just a supply house; it’s a treasure trove waiting to be explored.

Browse through our collection featuring some iconic branded items like the popular ‘Four Sixes Hat’, or sink your teeth into our juicy ‘Four Sixes Steaks’ – renowned for their superior quality Black Angus beef straight off the ranch.

A Shopping Experience Like No Other

No trip is complete without taking home a piece of history with you. The products available are carefully curated reflecting years of cattle rearing wisdom, making them perfect keepsakes or gifts for loved ones back home.

In addition to tangible goods, every purchase helps support operations on this legendary quarter horse breeding ground – making it not only an opportunity to buy but also contribute towards maintaining this American heritage site.

Finding Treasures Amidst Tradition

You can find mementos inspired by various aspects of life on four sixes ranch – each telling its own story about life on these vast acres dedicatedly maintained over generations. Whether it’s clothing paying homage to hardworking cowboys or kitchenware designed around ranch life, there’s something for everyone.

Also, don’t miss out on the ‘6666 Originals’ – a collection of gear and goods that are not just made but lived by the 6666 cowboys and their families. Each item reflects the toil and determination needed to manage one of America’s most renowned ranches.

A Commitment To Quality

program can also be found in its cattle operations. Striving for excellence is part of the ranch’s DNA, creating a culture that values top-tier livestock and exceptional care.


Key Takeaway: 


Stepping into the Four Sixes Ranch Supply House, you’re not just shopping – you’re diving headfirst into a rich tradition. This unique store in West Texas offers practical goods and distinct souvenirs that reflect the spirit of Four Sixes. From work gear for ranch hands to bespoke gifts handcrafted by local artisans, it’s more than just a shop—it’s a treasure trove waiting to unfold its secrets and share its story.

The Influence of Anne Burnett on Four Sixes Ranch

Anne Valliant Burnett Tandy, also known as Anne Burnett, is a name synonymous with the legacy of the legendary Four Sixes Ranch. Her contributions to this iconic establishment spanned several years and touched every aspect of its operations.

Following in her grandfather Samuel Burk’s footsteps, she continued to uphold high standards for breeding American Quarter Horses and Angus cattle. Under her leadership, the ranch consistently produced top-notch quarter horses recognized not just across Texas but worldwide.

Her passion was evident; it wasn’t merely about running a business. It was more than that – preserving tradition while striving for excellence in horse breeding and maintaining healthy black angus cattle populations became part of Anne’s mission at Four Sixes Ranch.

Anne’s Commitment to Quality

This relentless pursuit did not go unnoticed either. The American Quarter Horse Association Hall Of Fame, an esteemed organization within equine circles, honored both Anne Burnett Windfohr Marion (her full married name) and the ranch for their outstanding contribution towards improving quarter horse breeds.

But let’s face it; any good leader knows success doesn’t come from working solo. So how exactly did she manage all these accomplishments? A large part can be attributed to assembling a dedicated team who shared her vision — now known as ‘ranch people’ or simply folks who lived by values similar to those instilled by founder Samuel Burk himself.

Beyond The Corral: Diversifying Operations

If you think managing thousands upon thousands of acres packed with prime beef-making Black Angus Cattle is enough work already… well hold your horses. Because Anne was far from done. She realized that the ranch had more to offer, so she set about diversifying its operations.

Thus came into existence the Four Sixes Supply House. It became a beacon for all things related to the cowboy lifestyle – including authentic steaks sourced directly from Angus cattle bred on-site at Four Sixes Ranch.

Leaving A Legacy

When Anne passed away in 2020, the world of horse breeding and cattle ranching lost a visionary. But her spirit continues to inspire every single one of us in this field, reminding us that passion and dedication are truly timeless.


Key Takeaway: 


Anne Burnett’s commitment to Four Sixes Ranch wasn’t just business—it was about preserving tradition while striving for excellence in horse breeding and Angus cattle farming. She brought global recognition to the ranch, won prestigious awards, and diversified its operations by creating the Four Sixes Supply House. Anne’s legacy continues to inspire folks who share her passion for this unique lifestyle.

Four Sixes Ranch in Popular Culture

The Four Sixes Ranch has made a name for itself not just in the world of ranching, but also on our screens. It’s been featured prominently as an authentic backdrop to various popular culture events.

A notable mention is Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone series. The vast landscapes and stunning visuals have caught viewers’ attention worldwide, thanks to scenes filmed at the ranch.

Filming Location for Spin-off Series

More recently, Four Sixes served as a location for the spin-off series ‘1883‘, further cementing its place in TV history. It provided an ideal setting with its sprawling acreage and quintessential American West appeal.

But it isn’t only about television fame; it’s also about recognition within equestrian circles. Many consider this place home to some legendary Quarter Horses that often steal scenes with their majestic presence.

Poker Game Legacy: More Than Just Numbers

According to legend, Samuel Burk Burnett, a rancher, supposedly won the 6666 Ranch in a high-stakes poker game. The story goes that another player, who had no money left, wagered his own ranch on his hand and lost to Burnett’s four sixes. However, it is important to note that Burnett himself denied this tale multiple times. Regardless of its veracity, the legend has persisted and the 6666 brand remains synonymous with the ranch. This intriguing trivia adds an extra layer of interest when watching those captivating TV scenes unfold.

Influence Beyond Screens: From Stetsons To Steaks

Beyond being a picturesque filming site or historical point of interest, Four Sixes permeates everyday life too – from your wardrobe choices down to what you eat. Visit any Western supply house across America; chances are you’ll find gear bearing their logo—a proud symbol associated with quality products.

For the food connoisseur, Four Sixes Ranch offers a unique culinary experience with its signature line of Black Angus steaks. Four Sixes Ranch has its own line of branded steaks, sourced from their Black Angus cattle—making it not just part of popular culture but your dinner plate too.

Memorabilia: The 4-Six Hat Craze

The Four Sixes Ranch hat holds a significant place in our collection. It’s not just another hat, it tells a story.


Key Takeaway: 


unique name is quite a tale. The Four Sixes Ranch isn’t just steeped in ranching history; it’s an integral part of our pop culture, showing up in TV shows like ‘Yellowstone’ and ‘1883’. But there’s more to its legacy – from champion Quarter Horses to branded merchandise, even delectable steaks sourced from their Black Angus cattle. To top it all off, the intriguing story behind how this renowned ranch got its iconic name adds another layer of charm.


The journey across the Four Sixes Ranch has been nothing short of remarkable. From its establishment by Samuel Burk Burnett to Anne Windfohr Marion’s dedication, we’ve witnessed a rich tapestry of history and legacy.

We uncovered how this West Texas titan shaped the Quarter Horse and Angus Cattle industries. We peeked into the unique offerings at their Supply House, appreciating not just practicality but tradition too.

Through each chapter in its story, Four Sixes Ranch proves itself as more than just acres and livestock; it’s a symbol of American grit, resilience, and enduring spirit.

As we step away from this adventure today remember – every ranch tells a story. But few do so quite like Four Sixes Ranch does.

Here are the layouts of the 6666 Ranches via our interactive mapping:







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