The Shot that Changed the West

The Second Battle of Adobe Walls


The Battle of Adobe Walls was a battle fought on June 27, 1874, between Comanche and Kiowa warriors and a group of 28 buffalo hunters defending the settlement of Adobe Walls, in what is now Hutchinson County, Texas.

The battle was the result of a conflict between the buffalo hunters and the Native Americans over the hunting of buffalo. The buffalo hunters were killing the buffalo at an alarming rate, which was threatening the Native Americans’ way of life. The Native Americans believed that the buffalo were sacred and that their destruction would bring about their own destruction.

The battle began when a group of Comanche and Kiowa warriors attacked the buffalo hunters’ camp at Adobe Walls. The hunters were taken by surprise, but they quickly fought back. The battle raged for four days, with neither side able to gain a decisive advantage. Finally, the Native Americans withdrew, having suffered heavy losses.

The Battle of Adobe Walls was a significant victory for the buffalo hunters. It showed that the Native Americans were not invincible and that they could be defeated. The battle also led to the Red River War of 1874-75, which resulted in the final defeat of the Southern Plains Indians.

Bat Masterson was one of the buffalo hunters who fought at Adobe Walls. He was a well-known lawman and gunfighter who later became a famous journalist. Masterson was a skilled shot and played a key role in the defense of Adobe Walls.

Billy Dixon was another buffalo hunter who fought at Adobe Walls. He was a legendary marksman who made a long-range shot that killed a Comanche warrior during the battle. Dixon’s shot was one of the most famous shots in American history.

The Comanche were one of the most powerful tribes on the Southern Plains. They were skilled warriors and horsemen. The Comanches were also known for their raids on white settlements. The Battle of Adobe Walls was a major defeat for the Comanches.

The Battle of Adobe Walls was a significant event in the history of the American West. It was a battle between two cultures, the white settlers and the Native Americans. The battle also showed the power of the buffalo hunters and their determination to protect their livelihood.

Here are some details of the Billy Dixon rifle shot:

  • The shot was made from a distance of over 1,500 yards.
  • The target was a Comanche warrior who was riding a horse.
  • The shot killed the warrior instantly according to the bison hunters.
  • According to the Comanche the warrior survived with only a bruise.
  • The shot was made with a Sharps .50-caliber rifle.
  • The shot is considered one of the longest-range shots ever made in combat in the 19th century.
  • The shot is a testament to Billy Dixon’s skill as a marksman.







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