How To Buy Land In Texas

The act of buying land in Texas Hill country is an exciting process, however, for someone who is purchasing their first land, it can be an overwhelming process. Today we will talk about some tips on how to buy land in Texas.

Ensure That Your Realtor Is Familiar With Land Buying

Any realtor can assist you in purchasing a land, house or residential property, however, it takes a trained, skilled, experienced real estate agent to simplify issues for you by telling you the various differences between lands, locations, etc. Understanding the concept of purchasing land can be very confusing and in order to avoid making mistakes which would cost you a whole lot of money, you need the services of a professional real estate agent who has a lot of experience buying or selling land and farm/ranch properties.

Research The Market

As a novice in the act of buying lands and residential properties, sellers may want to take advantage of you by overpricing their properties. In most cases, the prices don’t even reflect whatever properties they are selling.

This is why you need an experienced real estate agent who understands the marketplace. Before you place an offer for a property, seek the advice of your realtor.

Getting To Know Zoning, Building Codes, and POA’s

As a potential land buyer, if your plan is to purchase land and hold on to it, then you have no business with zoning or building laws. However, if your intention is to purchase a land and resell it to someone who will build on it, obviously, it is vital that you understand all the necessary zoning laws regarding the piece of land you’re about to purchase. You need to understand that most neighborhoods have building guidelines, you obviously want to ask about road access to ensure that your property has good road network, restrictions, water and electricity, setbacks etc. POA’s (Property Associations) are also important to review and know due to the limitations it can present in managing or using your land. This is why you need a professional, experienced realtor at your beck and call.

Understanding Easements Rights

An easement is a non-possessory right or privilege to use and/or go into another person’s land without possessing it. You need to find out what easement rights you have to enter other people’s land. In the same light, you need to also find out what easement rights others have to come into your land.

It’s a bit complicated right? This is why you need the services and expertise of an experienced realtor who has seen it all to come to your rescue.

Still on easements, you want to know about public access and county specifications, is there proper road access for emergency vehicles? The road easements, do they have legal standing, is it binding and lastly is it properly documented?

These are the things you need to know.

Timber And Mineral Rights; Are They On The Table?

In truth, a lot of potential landowners are not aware of this factor and it can be a valuable commodity if one does not hold onto them. You need to know if the mineral resources on your land are owned by a second party to avoid a situation whereby, after 30 years of possessing a property, you just wake up one morning to find strangers bulldozing everything you worked for.

At the moment, nothing of value may have been found on your property, however, in some year’s time, it may be discovered and you have to ensure that you have full rights to everything on your property.







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