It’s no mystery that the Texas Hill Country has some of the best scenic views in all of Texas. Scenic drives and motorcycle rides are the best way to take in the rolling hills, crystal clear lakes, fields of bluebonnets, old oak trees, and rugged terrain. The Vanderpool community is home to some of the best scenic views of Sabinal Canyon.

The Texas Almanac notes that “Spanish explorers made several excursions into the area to take careful inventory of tribes, note the flora and fauna of the area, and name the rivers, mountains, and streams. They called the Sabinal River Arroyo de la Soledad.”

The Vanderpool community first received its name in 1885 after the name of the first settler, L.B. Vanderpool. Vanderpool, Texas is a small unincorporated community 10 miles North of Utopia and 30 miles west of Bandera. Vanderpool is the perfect place to escape the populated city lifestyle, with only 82 cheerful residents. The economy flourishes on ranching, hunting, and tourism.

Vanderpool houses 50 classic motorcycles in their historic Lone Star Motorcycle Museum. The motorcycles date from the year 1910 to today. The Museum is open Friday through Sunday from 10:00 AM-5:00 PM and weekdays by appointment.

The area is well-known for bird watching. The short tailed, long billed, Green Kingfisher can be spotted in the area. The only state in America to see the Green Kingfisher is Texas. The bird resides only in Texas and all the way down to Central and South Argentina.

What to Do in Vanderpool?

1. Lost Maples State Natural Area – Lost Maples protects a special stand of Uvalde bigtooth maples. Many folks come here to see colorful leaves on these and other trees in autumn. The show varies, depending on weather conditions. Check our Fall Foliage report (starting mid-October).

2. Lost Maples Winery

  1. Lone Star Motorcycle Museum – The Lone Star Motorcycle Museum is located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country with beautiful motorcycling roads all around. Displayed is a wonderful collection of machines from all around the world dating from the 1910’s to modern.
  2. Lost Maples East Trail – This trail arrives at a scenic overlook of Sabinal Canyon.







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