Do-It-Yourself Ranch Improvement Projects

If you are a proud Texas rancher you take pride in the value of your property that goes beyond its sheer worth You want it to look good, perform optimally, and, best case scenario, even reflects your personality. You can hire professionals for ranch improvement projects, but, you can save a little bit of money, and enjoy the personal satisfaction of do-it-yourself ranch improvement projects. There are plenty of projects you can do yourself.

Today we will look at some do-it-yourself ranch improvement projects that will imbue you with a sense of personal satisfaction, and, possibly even raise the value of your property somewhat.

So, without further ado, read on for some do-it-yourself ranch improvement projects!

Rustic Pasture Gates

You may need gates for your animals to pasture no matter what. You can go generic with something that you buy at Rural King, or someplace like that, or you can take the intuitive to do it yourself.

Consider using natural wood from your property to make your pasture gates. This feature serves a functional purpose, and it will also give your property a nice personal touch.

One nice thing to keep in mind is that you can really go as simple or as intricate as you want with this project.

It could be as simple as jerry-rigging some logs (which won’t do anything for your property value but will get the job done), or you could go intricate.

This is really a chance for woodworkers to shine. Treat the workpiece the way you like in the shop, cure it, stain it, finish, and install it to create a beautiful pasture gate that you simply will not be able to find anywhere else.

Livestock fencing and gates can cost you thousands of dollars, so the more that you can do for yourself, the better, right?

Consider Stone

If you really want to increase the eye catching value of your property, consider using stones around the gates and fences.

Stone is durable, affordable, and surprisingly easy to work with. You can use stone to frame your new pasture gate, or simply as an eye catching landscaping feature that you use throughout your property.

You can create a peaceful retreat in your backyard using rocks as landscaping. The Rock Landscaper explains, “My husband decided to use natural objects where the price was right, mostly free. He found that rocks and driftwood could be used for all sorts of projects such as borders, to cover the barren ground where exposed tree roots prevented grass from growing, and as bases for flower pots and such.

Regular Maintenance is Best

When it comes to fencing and fence posts, regular maintenance is always best. You’ll save money by paying attention to your anchor posts at key spots such as corners, curves, dips, rises, and gates. Anchor posts, give the fence its strength and stability. Anchor posts generally are larger in diameter than line posts and are longer so they can be set deeper into the ground. Most fence failures result from anchor posts that are not set deeply enough into the ground, not properly braced for the style of fence being erected, and not set in concrete.

As you are making pasture gates, and considering the overall fencing structure of your ranch property, try to take an inventory of what looks good, and what could use some improvement.

Problems only compound, and when they do, they will become both more expensive and more time consuming to fix.

An ill maintained fence is not just an eye sore; it is also a liability. They may break altogether over time, at which point they are effectively useless. You can save yourself a big head ache in the long run by just biting the bullet and fixing problems as they come up.


Now is a good time for dealing in Texas ranch as real estate values are strong.  Good do-it-yourself ranch improvement projects can help you further bank on a solid market.







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